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Jojoba and Water Toning Mist 

Just one spritz

Meet our Jojoba and Water Toning Mist, our latest member to join the Nourishing Range.

Combining a trio of jojoba, this special mist is clinically proven to hydrate and firm whilst reducing pores.   

With the perfect blend of our iconic Australian Wadi-Wadi Jojoba, jojoba leaf extract and jojoba milk, this delicate mist is the perfect everyday accessory.

Mixing other botanical ingredients like desert lime, the vitamin c rich product is a powerful antioxidant aiding to your skin’s natural regeneration process speeding up your body’s ability to repair damaged cells.

Actively working to create a visible long-lasting difference in your skin, used daily it creates a breathable barrier against everyday environmental aggressors.

Instantly refreshing thirsty and dehydrated skin, your skin will appear dewier, plumper and brighter…one spritz and all of this.  

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Looking good

Overflowing with all-natural goodies, this pink beauty is all natural, vegan friendly, cruelty free and is filled in a stunning glass bottle.

The Jojoba and Water Toning Mist fits perfectly into your current skincare routine to enhance your entire regime.

After cleansing, we recommend spritzing your face with the mist before you start your day.
With powerful active ingredients, this allows them to penetrate the skin carrying its extraordinary benefits deep into the skin.

Creating a hydrated surface to build on or use on its own, the Jojoba and Water Toning Mist glows on its own for a makeup free day or works well underneath moisturiser or makeup.