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Natural Lip Balm - Vegan Friendly

June 15, 2017

natural lip balm - vegan friendly


Soothe Dry Cracked Lips

Why do lips need constant protection and moisture?  Your lips, unlike the rest of your body don’t have oil glands to keep them soft.  Lips are also much thinner, with only three to five cellular skin layers compared to the typical skin on your face, which has up to 16 layers. So how do you keep delicate lips soft and smooth?

Simple Cures for Chapped Lips

Moisturise, moisturise – often.  Apply a good quality lip balm throughout the day from morning to night – say every two hours, even under your lipstick and before you go to bed.  This is more important during harsh weather conditions and outdoor sports.  Keep a lip balm handy in your car, work, at home, and bed side. 

Natural Lip Balm

Choose a lip balm that is all natural and avoid strong fragrances or petroleum jelly (a derivative of oil refining) on sensitive lips, especially for newborns with dry lips and if you’re prone to skin allergies. Look for formulas that are rich in Vitamin E to help speed up healing.

Allergic to Lip Balm?

Many lip balms and natural cosmetics include beeswax. For most it’s a great ingredient. But some people are allergic or sensitive to Propolis – a natural resin collected by bees, traces of which can be found in beeswax.  You can also develop a sensitivity to Propolis over time (with continuous exposure), as some beekeepers do.  If your lip balm is making your lips tingle, swell, become red and blistered try a completely beeswax free formula to test for allergies. Check ingredients in your lipsticks as well.

What Causes Cold Sores?

Cold Sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus. It’s a very common virus and can be dormant in the skin until triggered by factors ranging from illness (colds and flus – thus a ‘cold sore’) to stress or badly chapped lips.

As it’s viral there is no real cure, and they usually resolve themselves. It’s highly contagious, so don’t spread it. Here are some tips:

Wash your hands often

Don’t touch your eyes, it can spread and cause serious eye problems

Don’t share cosmetics or lip balms – get a lip balm for each person in the family, then label clearly with names to avoid cross contamination

Don’t share drinking glasses, cutlery, towels etc.

No hugging and kissing during an infection, especially newborns or young babies

So grab your own personal lip balm, keep it close, and apply it often. Your lips will always be smooth and soft.


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