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When to use jojoba? 101 Ideas - Part 1

July 11, 2017

When to use jojoba? 101 Ideas - Part 1

When to Use Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is one of the most versatile all natural skincare ingredients out there. And if you’re already seeing great results on your face – well that’s just the beginning. Turns out jojoba is so gentle, safe and naturally packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants that there are literally 101 uses (or more), from beauty and baby care to healing and haircare.

Some Surprises

There are some surprises here, with clever ways to enhance your existing products using jojoba or starting a whole new routine. So look out for Parts Two and Three of this ‘101 Jojoba Uses’ series as we count down the list.

Let’s kick-off with the basics: cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing and extra gentle care for babies.

Why is Jojoba Good for your Skin?

  1. Let’s start with exactly what is jojoba? The jojoba bean is the only plant on earth that produces a wax that mimics your skin’s natural oils. Because jojoba is similar to your own natural sebum (moisturise coating your skin) it has a very unique ability to penetrate deep into the skin’s layers.  That means deep, rich moisture for your skin.
  1. Jojoba skincare takes you from cleansing to moisturizing and everything in between. Jojoba works great alone or you can simply add it to your favourite products.  Start here with a good jojoba cleanse:
  2. It’s a very gentle cleanser, perfect for sensitive skin. Use it as an alternative to harsh soap based products.
  3. Gently removes stubborn waterproof mascara and make-up. Use on a cotton pad or apply jojoba directly to skin, massage gently & wipe over with warm damp cloth.
  4. When used as a make-up remover jojoba will condition your lashes at the same time.
  5. After your workout try adding a few drops to a cotton pad & wipe over entire face to dissolve dirt and grime.
  6. Use jojoba & a drop of dish soap to clean your make-up brushes. Jojoba conditions brushes. Clean often to stop bacteria build-up.

Super Gentle Exfoliation – Jojoba

  1. Dissolving blackheads: massage jojoba over area, then wipe away with cotton pad.
  2. General Exfoliation: Gentle massage jojoba then wipe very gently with damp soft cloth. Removes built-up dead skin cells.
  3. Look-out for natural jojoba beads in exfoliating products as an alternative to tiny plastic particles. Jojoba beads are round and smooth on your skin (no micro-scratches). Also, kind on the environment. They naturally dissolve and don’t build up in ecosystems.

Jojoba Face Oil

  1. Extremely gentle, suitable for sensitive skin
  2. Also perfect for combination skin, with the ability to balance dry/oily patches
  3. Remarkably non-greasy, quickly absorbed. Perfect for dry winter skin
  4. High in omega 6 & 9. Helps reduce skin pigmentation
  5. Balances uneven skin tone
  6. Brightens skin
  7. Rich in naturally occurring skin regenerating Vitamin A. Wrinkles & fine lines look softer.
  8. Powerful antioxidants protect skin from aging, it’s a natural jojoba youth potion

Jojoba and Rosehip

  1. Jojoba Rosehip Oil combines the best of both oils. Jojoba penetrates deeply carrying all the rosehip nutrients down into skin layers.

Moisturize and smooth

  1. Reduce crow’s feet. A powerful key ingredient in eye skincare ranges. (Straight jojoba oil tends to be too rich if applied directly to eyes as a daily moisturiser.)
  2. For an intense moisture boost apply under your favourite hydrating mask. Use before a special event or to combat winter dryness.
  3. Add a few drops to your foundation/bb cream for smoother application
  4. Try adding extra moisture under your lip balm during cold, dry windy weather
  5. Jojoba oil and ache: Helps break the yo-yo cycle, skin too dry or too oily, by regulating skin’s natural oil production.
  6. Get immediate relief for a red, chaffed nose from allergies & colds. No fragrances, so won’t sting or irritate broken skin
  7. Before fake tanning smooth out elbow & knee dry patches for an even, natural finish.
  8. Place a tiny amount on fingertip and smooth over eyebrows.  Conditions and refines brows.

Jojoba Body Pampering

  1. Don’t neglect your body. Take a few minutes after your shower to moisturize and nourish your skin. It won’t take long, especially as your skin is still a little moist, so the oil simply glides across. It feels like a small, well deserved treat and your skin will glow with health.
  2. Your delicate neck & décolletage area needs some daily TLC. Regular moisture helps minimise wrinkles and sun damage
  3. Apply jojoba around your neck in winter. Scarves and high neck lines draw away moisture.
  1. Reduces the appearance of age spots
  2. If you have time for no other areas, focus moisture on elbows and knees. Keeps skin even and smooth
  3. Eliminates flaky winter skin and shedding when used as body moisturiser

Shaving and Waxing

  1. Smooth on a little jojoba before & after shaving for less blade friction, irritation and red lumps.
  2. Can also be used instead of shaving cream with some razors
  3. Smooth over skin after waxing to calm redness and irritation
  4. After a day of sun, surf & sand apply jojoba all over. Jojoba restores hydration levels & adds a layer of protection.

Pamper Feet

  1. Gently massage jojoba into your feet, then pop on a pair of socks for a restorative treatment. Great skin makes your pedicure shine.

Natural Skincare for Mums and Babies

The best choice for baby’s sensitive skin is to avoid products with PEG’s (polyethylene glycols are petroleum-based compounds), mineral oils or sulphates. Also look for no artificial fragrances or colours.

Jojoba Safe During Pregnancy

  1. Jojoba is all this, and has the added bonus of having naturally occurring Vitamin A, which unlike synthetic formulas is safe during pregnancy and for babies. Vitamin A is important for skin regeneration.

No Fragrance

  1. During pregnancy you may become sensitive to odours or fragrances. Jojoba oil smells like, well, nothing much, it has an extremely neutral odour.
  2. Pretty much odourless and deeply moisturizing it can help reduce stretch marks

Jojoba Nappy Rash & Cradle Cap

  1. Heals and soothes nappy rash, without irritating inflamed and broken skin
  2. Reduces and moisturizes cradle cap
  3. Relieves those tender cheeks from wind chap without the use of harsh creams
  4. Jojoba pampers & soothes baby skin irritations without any artificial chemicals or fragrances

Baby Bath n’ Bed Time

  1. Jojoba is the perfect bath oil for sensitive baby skin. (Take extra care when getting them out of the bath as they may be a little more slippery)
  2. Create a little baby massage routine by very gently rubbing all over to protect skin – discover which moves put a smile on their face
  3. Jojoba is quickly absorbed as a moisturizer, with little or no ‘greasy residue’

Healthy You, Clean Planet  

  1. And as you take care of yourself, you are also doing your part for a healthier planet:
  2. Earth Friendly – a jojoba crop removes carbon from the atmosphere as it grows – it’s carbon negative.

Stay tuned – there are two more ‘101 Jojoba Uses’ still to come.  Look out for natural remedies for dry hair, beard care and skin concerns like eczema or wound healing. 


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