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October 06, 2016

Winter calls for a skin care shake-up.  Cold winter air is naturally less humid; add indoor heating and this moisture level drops even further. This means skin dryness, sensitivity and dullness.

1. Moisturize Intensely: Go for oil based formulas, with a higher oil to water ratio. Or better still try all natural oils that form a protective barrier, locking moisture in.

2. Use Gentle Creamy Cleansers: No alcohol or clay based products that draw moisture out of your skin. Absolutely no soap.

3. Wear Broad Spectrum SPF Protection Daily: UVA rays are present during all daylight hours, all year, even on cloudy days or through glass. They penetrate deep into the skin, playing a big part in skin aging and wrinkling (photo aging). The UVB rays cause sunburn, and are also aging, and both rays can cause skin cancer. Regardless of season protect from both rays with a broad spectrum sunblock daily.

4. Continue Gentle Exfoliation: Removing dead skin helps your skin absorb moisture, but do so less frequently and use gentle formulas with no harsh, scratchy beads.

5. Extra TLC for Eye Area: Treat the delicate skin around your eyes to daily pampering. Winter dryness tends to bring out fine lines and deepens wrinkles.

6. No Fragrances or Chemicals on Lips: These really irritate chapped lips. Choose a lip balm that is all natural.

7. No Long Hot Showers or Baths: Yes, they feel great in the winter, but strip the oil barrier from your skin. Short, warm showers are best.

8. Soothe Skin Conditions: Dry flakey skin, cracks or inflamed eczema? Avoid all perfumes and chemicals, even in laundry products. Use pure, low irritant natural oils like coconut or olive. For a more deeply penetrating oil that’s high in vitamins A, D and E- known as skin healing vitamins, try jojoba.


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