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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can i find the expiry date on your products?

As we are EU certified (European Union), we follow their regulations as they are much more strict than
we are here in Australia. We use a PAO (Period After Opening) symbol on our products which identifies the useful lifetime of a cosmetic product after its package has been opened for the first time. It depicts an open cosmetics pot and is used together with a written number of months or years. For example if there is a symbol of an open jar with a number 12 inside it. That 12 indicates that you need to use the product within 12 months of opening.

How have you proved 'clinically proven results' on some of your products?

Our products have been invitro tested by a lab in New Zealand called Trinity Bioactives.  They use real human skin cells and inject the cells with our products, then measure the increase in collagen and elastin in the skin cells. These results and claims have come from the lab where we had it all tested.

My Jojoba has frozen, what do i do? Does this affect the product?

Jojoba has a melting point of 7 degrees celsius which is equivalent to about 45 degrees fahrenheit.  It is for this reason that it will solidify at 7 degrees celsius or 45 degrees fahrenheit.  It will not affect your Jojoba at all.  Once it thaws it will be exactly the same as it was before. It is an extremely stable liquid so it will not be affected at all. You will just need to keep it in a place above 45 degrees fahrenheit or it will solidify again.

Why has my product changed colour?

As our products are natural, they are very sensitive to environmental factors such as light, heat etc so they can change colour due to these factors as well as age. It doesn’t mean it is rancid or off, it just means it is getting older and exposed to things that will change it. 


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