Our Farm

Our Australian jojoba comes from our farm. It is located in Australia’s Riverina region, in Yenda, where we have created a plantation based on sustainability. Harvesting just once a year from our family owned farm in Yenda, we select only the finest beans for our skincare range.

Good for you, good for the earth

Jojoba is kind to our planet. This plant is carbon negative – as it grows it actually removes carbon from the atmosphere. It is also perfectly suited to our dry environment, is salt tolerant and needs very little of our precious water resources to thrive. So we let nature do its work, with no pests or diseases we don’t need to use chemicals on the plants.  This hardy shrub needs no cultivating or pruning and in the wild has been known to live over 300 years.

Uniquely Australian plant extracts

Our range begins with the purest jojoba. Our jojoba is extra virgin cold pressed, and then filtered fourteen times for absolute purity. The deep golden colour is completely natural and reflects the meticulous processing. Australian plant extracts like kakadu plum, lilllypilly and quandong are also blended as part of the range. Hand selected to bring their own powerful qualities to the mix, they work in perfect balance with jojoba.

Bean to Bottle

From start to finish, The Jojoba Company manages every step of the process ensuring each bottle of golden liquid is of the highest quality. With the golden liquid of 272 beans carefully poured into every 85ml bottle, Australian Jojoba gives your skin the care it deserves.